Sovereign Blue Bread Improver

Bakery Improvers Collection


Sovereign Blue is a high performance all-purpose improver suitable for almost all instant dough types. Ideal for retail / light manufacturing plants, this highly versatile improver produces dough with outstanding properties; such as high tolerance, excellent oven spring and superior softness.

Suitable for the production of “clean label” breads. Does not include added preservatives.

Pack Size: 10KG.

Usage Rate: 1% on total flour weight.

Applications: White dough products, wholemeal breads, grain breads, rye dough, dough, sweet dough, high sugar/fat dough products, heavy inclusion dough.

Benefits: Outstanding softness, shortened proof times (better fermentation), excellent holding properties to carry inclusions, high tolerance dough, outstanding oven spring, lasting freshness, bright white crumb colour, fine crumb structure, good water absorption.