Experience Our Sweet Collection…

Let your ideas flow with versatile sweet treats from Allied Mills. Simply blend fruits, flavours and other ingredients through the batter..

Creme Muffin Mix

Multi-purpose, versatile mix designed for making rich creamy muffins with moist crumb and perfect to add various inclusions.

Pack Size: 10kg.
Applications: All Varieties of Muffins, Quick Breads.

Scone Mix With Buttermilk

Versatile Mix producing sweet and savoury scones with a light fluffy or denser style texture to suit all preferences.

Pack Size: 10kg .
Applications: Savoury and Sweet Scones, Damper.

Sticky Date Pudding Mix

Superior base mix for rich, moist, flavoursome puddings and cakes with excellent fresh keeping qualities.

Pack Size: 10kg .
Applications: All varieties of Pudding, Traditional Fruit Cake, Christmas Cakes.

Cake Donut Mix

Complete “All-in” Mix formulated with the best ingredients to produce cake donuts that are light and soft in texture and excellent fresh keeping qualities.

Note: Also available Premium Cake Donut Mix

Pack Size: 10kg & 25kg .
Applications: Traditional Cake Donuts, Cinnamon Donuts.

Muffin Mix

Complete “All-in” mix to manufacture, quick and easy, moist and delicious muffins.

Pack Size: 10kg.
Applications: All varieties of Muffins, Quick Breads.

Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Versatile recipe delivering all types of pancakes, plain or with inclusions.

Pack Size: 10kg.
Applications: Savoury and Sweet flavoured Pancakes and Crepes.

Yeast Raised Donut Mix

High yielding mix producing yeast raised donuts with superior flavour, texture and appearance.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: Long John/Eclairs, Donut Rings, Jam balls, Fruit and Custard Parcels, Turnovers.