Experience Our Specialty Ingredients Collection…

Bakery ingredients formulated from the finest ingredients to deliver premium texture and taste. Ideally suited for food service companies and food processors.

Tempura Batter Mix

Traditional Japanese batter mix to provide consistent viscosity to produce a very light and crispy finish on any fried food.
Note: Also available in Supreme Batter Mix & Chip Batter Mix

Pack Size: 10kg.
Applications: Potatoes, Seafood, Formed Meat Products.

Easter Crossing Mix

Mix specially formulated to produce a bold white cross on buns and rolls that will not crack or shrink in the oven.

Pack Size: 10kg .
Applications: Easter Buns.

Full Fat Soya Flour

Full fat and enzyme active soya flour ideal for improving the quality of baked goods.

Pack Size: 20kg.
Applications: Crumb Whitener, Bread Improvers, Cakes.

No Bake Custard Mix

Easy-to-use mix to make smooth, full flavoured custard fillings the easy and convenient way.

Pack Size: 10kg .
Applications: This is for all 3 Custards Premix: Desserts, Custard Tarts, Slices.

Bread Crumbs

This breading crumb is oven bakeable giving a crisp but crunchy bite and medium to low browning.

Note: Also available in Middle Coat Crumb, Orange Crumb, Yellow Crumb

Pack Size: 15kg.
Applications: Crumbed Seafood, Poultry, Vegetables.

Caster Sugar

Fine and even granulated white sugar for all sweet bakery applications.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: All Sweet applications.


Functional wheat protein that gives tolerance to doughs and volume to breads.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: All types of Breads.

Dry Yeast

Dry form of yeast with long shelf life to give manufactoring flexibility for all fermented products.

Pack Size: 20 x 500kg.
Applications: All type of Breads, Buns, Yeast Donuts, Pastries.


The essential ingredient for all bakery products.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: All applications.