Experience Our Specialty Flour Collection…

Our unrivalled success stems from extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the varietal selection, procurement, storage and milling of wheat.

Premium Biscuit Flour

White low protein flour ideal for making biscuits.

Pack Size: 20kg.
Applications: Biscuits, Cakes, Batters.

Crumpet Flour

Fine, white, medium protein strength chlorinated flour specially milled from wheats selected for the best crumpet making properties.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: Crumpets, Batters.

90/10 Bakers Meal

Strong, cream coloured flour with wheat bran from the blending of wholemeal and bakers flour designed to give excellent bread performance.

Pack Size: 25kg .
Applications: Fibre Breads, Flat Breads.

P-Farina Flour (OO Flour)

This premium low-ash flour is produced using low extraction milling techniques for best noodle manufacturing performance.
Note: Also available in P-Farina Extra White Flour

Pack Size: 12.5kg & 25kg .
Applications: Noodles, Steamed Buns, Dim Sims, Pastries.

Sharps Flour

Fine granular flour manufactured from a mixture of fine semolina, flour and bran particles.

Pack Size: 20kg.
Applications: Flat Breads, Artisan Breads, Dusting.

Pie & Pastry Flour

This medium protein strength flour is excellent for a wide range of bakery products.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: Pies & Sausage Rolls, Pastires, Danishes, Biscuits, Muffins, Cakes, Batters.


Creamy coloured coarse free flowing particles from the white endosperm of premium wheats specifically chosen to give texture in bakery and coating products.

Note: Also available in Fine Semolina

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: Pasta, Artisan Breads, Dusting.

Stoneground Meal

100% wholemeal flour using the ancient process of stone milling to retain all the goodness of the wheat grain.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: Wholemeal and fibre breads, Cakes, Muffins, Health Food Products.

Whitecap Flour

A low-ash fine flour produced using low extraction milling to produce a superior white colour excellent for frozen pastries.
Note: Also available in Whitecap Extra White Flour

Pack Size: 12.5kg & 25kg.
Applications: Breads, Pastries.