Experience Our Quality Cake Collection…

Delight your customers with cakes that are moist, rich and delicious. Allied Mills gives you the confidence to produce quality cakes each and every time.

Carrot Cake Mix

“All in” mix that delivers spiced carrot cakes with moist dense texture and coarse crumb. Contains carrot inclusions and has been formulated to achieve high volume cakes with soft eating qualities.

Pack Size: 10kg.
Applications: Carrot Cakes.

Multi Loaf Mix

Versatile “all in” method premix with a mild sweet flavour profile. Perfect as a base for a wide variety of sweet loaves.

Pack Size: 10kg.
Applications: Sweet Loaves.

Utility Cake Mix

Multi-purpose, versatile, consistent and economical cake mix that delivers a superior cake every time with fine, even internal crumb structure.

Pack Size: 10kg & 25kg.
Applications: Bar and Block Cakes, Slab Cakes, Cakes.

Choc Super Sponge Mix

Superior mix delivering rich chocolate sponge cakes.

Pack Size: 10kg .
Applications: Chocolate Sponge Cakes, Chocolate Swiss Rolls.

All-In Mudcake Mix

This complete “all-in” mix makes moist, rich, delicious mudcakes ideal for the most discriminating chocolate lover.

Pack Size: 10kg .
Applications: Divinely Decadent Chocolate Mudcake, Chocolate Brownies.

Super Sponge Mix

Premium quality sponge mix producing sponge cake with exceptional volume, moist crumb and fine texture.

Pack Size: 10kg & 25kg .
Applications: Sponge Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Lamington Sheets.

Hi Ratio Cake Mix

Carefully formulated mix designed for fine, light textured cakes.

Pack Size: 25kg.
Applications: Bar and Block Cakes, Slab Cakes, Lamington Sheets.