Bulk Tanker Fleet Expands into NSW

Following on from the success of owning and operating our very own bulk tanker fleet in Victoria; Allied Mills recently expanded the fleet to now encompass the New South Wales region!  Our strategic decision to launch an additional nine pneumatic tankers will see the Allied Mills brand reaching out to a wider audience, coupled with increasing transport efficiency to meet customer expectations.

The nine tankers will haul approximately 205,000 tonnes of Allied Mills bulk flour per annum and will be towed by prime-movers owned and operated by independent businesses.  The tankers will be primarily shipping product from the Picton and Tamworth Mills.

With eight of the nine tankers branded in Allied Mills livery, the implementation of operating our own Allied Mills tankers have become important corporate vehicles of communication to arouse new and existing customer interest. Since the launch of the first Allied Mills bulk tankers in Victoria last year, we have received positive feedback from many customers and onlookers.  The additional new bulk tankers will further increase Allied Mills’ brand recognition and raise our profile within a competitive food manufacturing industry to position us with greater advantages in the market.

Within just three short months this project was taken from concept to implementation, and this would only have been possible through the exceptional work and efforts of a number of our staff.